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Reel Communication
Reel Communication
Reel Communication
Reel Communication

Powerful Stories. Your Own.

Reel Communication specializes in nonfiction filmmaking in all its forms: long and short form documentaries; nonprofit promos; public service announcements; and informational videos for businesses and the public sector. Whether you need to promote, persuade or illuminate, we deliver compelling content, a commitment to craft—and outstanding, original productions.

Business Branding

Verdant Multicultural Media Sizzle

Create panache for your website, presentations and pitches. We sketch the story of your business; your passion and strengths, your personality and purpose.

Media Consulting

Our full-service media consulting services will craft your message to help expand your reach. We work with all platforms: online, radio, video, film and print.

Artist Profiles

Introducing Erica Wheeler

Video is a powerful tool to share your techniques and methods, promote your products or explain your process.


Institute for Musical Arts

We produce documentaries of all kinds, both short and long format. Call us to help you craft any phase of your production; preparation, shooting or editing.

Non-Profit Promos

Heartland Alliance best practice video

Make your good work shine with promotional, marketing and "best practices" videos for the web, grants proposals and fundraising events.