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Nothing Without Us (Trailer)

The AIDS crisis is still raging for women in the US and Africa. In Nigeria, one in four women will be diagnosed with HIV. In the American South, AIDS is currently the leading cause of death among young African American women. Yet in the mainstream media the story of women remains untold. This is a […]

Charlotte Wethington and Casey’s Law

Charlotte Wethington and Casey’s Law Charlotte Wethington of northern Kentucky lost her only child, Casey, to a heroin overdose in 2002 when he was only 23 years old. She turned her grief into action and has become a passionate advocate for those struggling with heroin addiction.

Vieques: Worth Every Bit of Struggle

In the 1940’s the U.S. Navy expropriated much of the small island of Vieques, Puerto Rico and constructed a weapons testing and training site. For over sixty years the citizens were left wedged on only 23% of the island, sandwiched between a weapons depot and a bombing range. For years, a small group of activists […]

The Most Unknowable Thing

The Most Unknowable Thing (Select) is a searing journey into the life and death of the filmmaker’s gay brother, David. Opening with the wedding of David to Connie, his female chiropractor, Mary Patierno’s documentary begins to unravel his complex life. Shot over a period of five years, The Most Unknowable Thing moves fluidly between significant […]

Heroin, USA

Heroin, USA Through intimate portraits of addicts and their families, Soledad O’Brien examines the growing heroin epidemic in the United States.    

Excerpt of Mississippi I Am, directed by Harriet Hirshorn and Catherine Linton

Mississippi I Am

“Mississippi I Am” is a documentary that examines the battle by young LGBT people to bring gay civil rights and visibility despite enormous odds.