Nothing Without Us (Trailer)

The AIDS crisis is still raging for women in the US and Africa. In Nigeria, one in four women will be diagnosed with HIV. In the American South, AIDS is currently the leading cause of death among young African American women. Yet in the mainstream media the story of women remains untold. This is a dire obstacle to stopping the epidemic. As these women confront HIV, they confront much more than that.  As they overcome immense loss, find their voices and create an empowered community to fight HIV, they create personal and social change that transcends HIV.
Underlying many of these issues is the dire cost of the continued invisibility of women with HIV. Why are women still unseen after all these years?  Why have their accomplishments been erased? In “Nothing Without Us,” the women’s stories point to a deeply ingrained synergy of sexism, shame and stigma makes women particularly vulnerable to the epidemic. This is a film about pressing global issues conveyed through intimate, evocative journeys.

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